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    1. Textured Soya Protein Machinery This textured soya protein machinery takes soybean dregs and peanut dregs as main raw materials to achieve the snack. After milling, mixing, extruding and cutting, the dregs become layered fiber structures. The finished products contain rich nutrition. They look and taste like meat and it is easy for them to absorb oil, water and seasoner, etc.
    1. Nut, Seed Machinery As a specialized food processing machine supplier in China, we are committed to offering highly advanced nut and seed machinery and other types of food processing equipment to worldwide customers.
    1. Shaper, Cutter With the development of people's life, the demands and styles of food is becoming more and more. Hence, food processing machine like baking machine, food shaper, cutter are increasingly demanded. This type of co-extrusion snack food cutter is a kind of food processing equipment. Its power is 1.5kw.
    1. Industrial Microwave Tunnel Dryer Unlike traditional heating tools, microwave heating uses the heated material as a heating unit and does not heat conduction. The materials that have poor thermal conductivity can also be heated in a very short period of time.

LIGHT Company is a food processing machinery manufacturer based in China. Since 2001, we have maintained our commitment to offering high quality and competitive priced food equipment to both national and international customers.

Now, we can manufacture a wide range of products, including food extruder, expanded food machinery, baking snack machinery and various types of auxiliary equipment. They are characterized by a user-friendly design, high production efficiency, easy operation, and long service life, etc. and are widely used by food and snack manufacturers in the industry, and our ancillary food equipment, such as flour mixer, food grinder, food packing machine, etc., are regularly used in baking and meat production lines, as well as the processing of grains.

Shandong Light M&E Co,LTD contains the following main processing lines:
1. Kurkure/Cheetos/Niknak/Corn Curls Process Line
2.Core Filling/Inflating Snacks Processing Line
3.Corn Flakes/Breakfast Cereal Processing Line
4.Doritos/Tortilla/Corn Chips Processing Line
5.Crispy Chips/ Bugles/Sticks Processing Line
6.Nutrition Powder/ Baby Rice Powder Processing Line
7.Modified Starch Processing Line
8.Bread Crumb Processing Line
9.Textured Soya Protein/ Vegetarian soya Meat/Soya Nugget Processing Line
10.3D Pellet Snacks Processing Line
11.Screw/Shell/Chips/ Pellet Extruding & Frying Processing Line
12.Nutrtion Rice/Artificial Rice/Golden Rice Processing Line
13.Automatic Continuous Caramel Popcorn Production Line
14.Fried Wheat Flour Snacks Processing Line
15.Instant Noodles Processing Line
16.High-Grade Shrimp/Fish Feed Processing Line
17.Pet Chewing/Jam Center Food Processing Line