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    1. Frying Kurkure, Cheetos, Niknak Machine Kurkure, cheetos, nicknak are special extruded snacks, very crunchy and great in taste. They are made by using frying kurkure machine, cheetos machine and niknak machine. The corn grits is moisturized in the flour mixer with water and fed to the Rotary Head Extruder.
    1. Baking Kurkure, Cheetos, Niknak Machine They are made by food extruder primarily. The niknak corn meal is moisturized in the flour mixer with water and fed to the Rotary Head Extruder. In the extruder, due to excess heat and pressure from the screws the meal gets heated and the moisture content gets reduced.

Welcome to our website. We are a manufacturer and supplier specialized in kurkure, cheetos, niknak machinery, based in China. Our business covers the whole process of the production of extruded food. We are devoted to supplying the clients with all kinds snack food processing machines and complete customer service. Through years of effort, now we are exporting more than 42 types of food production lines and near 150 types of single food equipment for our final customers and dealers.

For more information about our kurkure, cheetos, niknak machinery, please click into specific product pages or contact us directly. We can also manufacture many other types of food processing equipment, including expanded food machinery, four dough machinery, and baking equipment, etc. We welcome you to choose.

Sample Display
Sample Display

Model Installed Power Power Consumption Output Size(L×W× H)LT
LTTS-IF 134kw 94kw 120-140kg/h 17000x1100x2500mm

136kw 95kw 200-230kg/h 17300x1200x2600mm
LTTS-IIF 196kw 147kw 400-460kg/h 17300x2000x2600mm
LTTS-IB 74kw 52kw 125-140kg/h 16000X1100X2500mm
76kw 53kw 200-230kg/h 16300x1200x2600mm

Include Machine
1.Flour Mixer
2.Screw Conveyor
3.Rotary Head Extruder
5.Separate Drum
6.Vibrate de-oil Machine
7.Continuous Fryer
8.Vibrate de-oil Machine
9.Flavoring machine


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