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    1. Double Drum Seasoning Machine A hoister is available in the feeding system of this double drum seasoning machine to convey materials automatically.
      The flavor is fed by the screw, and a unique flavor spreading system ensures uniform flavor spread.
    1. Single Drum Seasoning Machine The seasoning machine is made using stainless steel, provided with high corrosion resistance.
      This flavoring machine is suitable for fried granulate and chips snacks. The flavor should be dry powder.
    1. Slurry Flavor Coating Machine This slurry flavor coating machine is equipped with imported oil spraying nozzle which ensures even oil spraying.
      The flavor coating equipment is anticorrosion due to its complete stainless steel body.
    1. Eight Square Seasoning Machine As its name suggests, eight square seasoning machine comes with a octagonal drum. It is designed to mix various materials, and can be used for oil spraying, sugar coating and seasoning, etc. It is applicable for seasoning various foodstuff during food production, such as puffed snacks, pellets, nuts, beans, and chips, and more.
    1. Sugar Coater The sugar coater is equipped with imported oil spraying nozzle which can effectively fog the sugar to ensure uniform coating.
      The coating equipment is anticorrosion, as a result of its complete stainless steel body.
    1. Centrifugal Oil Sprayer The speed of the conveyor belt is controlled by frequency conversion system. So the centrifugal oil sprayer is ideal to be used in combination with other food processing equipment.
      The two pairs of oil flingers are made of stainless steel.
    1. Chocolate Coating Machine Our chocolate coating machine feeds materials automatically and its high precision performance greatly improves production efficiency. Additionally, a sprinkler is also available to sprinkle sesame or peanut granulates onto the chocolate coating layer, and a decorator is available to create patterns onto the chocolate coating layer.

Welcome to this page. A coater or sprayer is designed to coat and spray liquid or fogged materials onto the surface of solid materials. LIGHT Company is a coater and sprayer manufacturer and supplier, located in China. We are specialized in various food processing equipment, so our coating equipment and spraying machine are both designed primarily for food processing applications.

We make constant efforts to improve the performance of our food coater and sprayer, as well as other related equipment. We have a dedicated research and development team who use latest production techniques to improve the production efficiency and simplify the structure of our coaters and sprayers. We also utilize high quality stainless steel as the raw material, so the food coating equipment and spraying equipment are corrosion resistant and provides higher sanitation standard and longer service life.

Currently, our sugar coater, chocolate coating machine and centrifugal oil sprayer, etc. are commonly used in Britain, Australia, America, Pakistan, and India, to name a few. If you want to know more information about us and our food processing machinery, please click into corresponding pages or contact us directly via any of the methods listed on the website.

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