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    1. Continuous Belt Dryer The continuous belt dryer is compact and easy for operation.
      Double-pitch roller chain driving and circulating drying ensures steady and stable operation.
      Drying temperature and time is precisely controlled which results in perfect drying effect.
    1. Baking Machine Gas is used as fuel to directly bake products.
      The baking machine can adjust the baking temperature according to the requirement of different types of foodstuff.
    1. Rotary Drum Roaster Rotary drum roaster is a type of continuously rotating drying equipment with internal heating and conducting system. Inside the drum, there is a layer of film attached on the drum wall surface. Heat is transferred to the internal wall of the drum through pipes and then to the drum wall and finally the film.
    1. Vibrating Fluid Bed Dryer Our vibrating fluid bed dryer also has functions of pelleting, cooling, sieving, and conveying. Nowadays, it has been widely used in sugaring, medicine, chemical fertilizer, chemical industry, plastic, dairy, salt industry, mining and metallurgy.
    1. Peanut Roaster This type of peanut roaster is used widely in drying and roasting various beans, nuts, and seeds. It adopts electric or gas as powder supply. It heats by hot air instead of fire, with an automatic temperature control, so that it ensures an evenly heating.
    1. Coffee Roaster Time and temperature can be set according to your requirements.
      The coffee roaster is designed with a manometer which can be used to adjust pressure.
      Overtime-alarming function is available, thus enabling users to precisely control roasting time.

The drying equipment falls into various different types, including oven, baker and roaster, etc. which are all commonly used for dewatering materials. The purpose of drying is to meet the needs of further processing. For instance, wooden products can avoid being out of shape if the they have been dried. Ceramics can avoid being full of cracks if they have been dried before burned. Besides, it is more convenient for us to transport and keep dried products. In order to satisfy this market demand, we at LIGHT Company began to manufacture drying equipment like oven, baker and roaster in 2001.

Drying machines, including oven, baker and roaster, are widely used in a wide range of industries, including petroleum, chemical, synthetic fiber, plastic, rubber, papermaking and woodworking industries, and more.
As a food processing machinery in China, we specialize in oven, baker and roaster commonly used in food industries.
In order to ensure the quality of our oven, baker and roaster, we utilize highly advanced production and processing facilities, use carefully selected materials and give frequent training to employees to improve their skills. Our highly automated production equipment and skilled workers also contributes to reducing our production cost. Thus, we are able to provide high qualified and low priced oven, baker, roaster and other food equipment to customers all over the world.
Due to high performance price ratio, our drying equipment is well received by customers from Britain, Italy, America, Australia, New Zealand, and India, to name a few.
In addition to food drying equipment, we also manufacture many other related equipment, including food extruder, food packaging machine, and expanded food machinery, to name a few. Hence, if you have any related need, please feel free to contact us.

Main Features
1.This kinds of oven has a wide range of applications. It can dry all shapes of puffing food, including strip, lump, granular materials etc, as well as other types of materials. User can choose different types with different layer, length, and heating mode.
2.It has compact design and easy operation.
3.The oven is driven with double pitch roller chain and heats materials circulary. It runs smoothly, never obstruction.
4.Roasting temperature andtime can be adjusted, effect of roasting is perfect.
5.With high efficiency fuel saving system, reasonable heat distribution, materials is heated equally, low energy but large output.

Technical parameter
Model Electric/Gas/Diesel Heating Temperature Output Size
LTD-3D 30kw/h ~180 150kg/h 5400x1300x2000mm
LTD-3G 4.8-10m3/h(Gas) 5.1-10kg/h(Diesel) ~180 150kg/h 6500x1600x2000mm
LTD-3DII 45kw/h ~180 250kg/h 7000x1600x2150mm
LTD-3GII 16-22m3/h(Gas) 7-14kg/h ~180 250kg/h 8000x1800x2150mm
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