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    1. Continuous Fryer The elevation device makes the continuous fryer easy to be cleaned.
      The frying equipment is designed with a unique device to prevent foodstuff floating on the oil surface, thus ensuring complete frying.
    1. Automatic Batch Fryer The frying temperature is adjustable, which enables the automatic batch fryer suitable for frying different types of food materials.
      The frying duration and de-oil duration are both adjustable.
    1. Economy Fryer
      It is applicable for various types of food materials, like nuts, beans, and so on, and ideal for small scale fried snack production.
    1. Vacuum Fryer Ltvfm-I Oil pump driven circulation heating and heat exchanger is adopted to improve heat exchanging efficiency.
      Germany shaft seal is adopted to ensure vacuum degree.
    1. Vibrating De-Oiling Machine The vibrating de-oiling machine is designed with three upwards steps to finish de-oiling one step by one step, and it also comes with oil collector to recycle the oil. In order to ensure stable operation, the de-oiler is also manufactured with two vibration-motor and 4 coil springs.
    1. Oil Filter The oil filter is designed to remove aerosols impurities in fried oil, obviously improving fried environment.
      Using it can effectively prevent the increase of fried oleic acid.

Fryer is a machine that is used to fry fish and meat as well as other food materials continuously.

1. Equipment Structure
A food fryer is typically composed of oil temperature automatic control system, automatic lifting system, heating system, conveying system and automatic filtering system, to name a few.

2. Features
(1). This frying equipment adopts advanced design technology to overcome the disadvantages of traditional fryers. It can automatically filter the impurities in order to keep the clearness of the fried oil. This function makes the finished products achieve a high quality and long shelf life. Besides, it also brings a higher additional value to the products.
(2). In order to ensure high performance, the fryer comes with advanced configurations which ensures high operation efficiency and make sure the finished products is in the same color, smell and taste.
(3). The automatic filter system will lengthen the service life of the fryer because it can avoid changing the fried oil frequently. This also greatly saves users' cost on purchasing oil
(4). Advanced and efficient heating system is used to avoid wasting energy. Thus, the expense on energy will be reduced.
(5). This type of fryer can fry the materials continuously so that work efficiency increases. Hence, the expense on labor force and management is reduced.

This type of fryer can filter the impurities automatically during the production. It can be powered by electric, coal and conduction oil. The fryer is competitive priced and it is highly automatic and convenient for operation. It is suitable for the mass frying of fish, poultry, aquatic product, meat, meat pie, ball and rice crust.

In addition to fryer, we can also offer many other types of food processing equipment, including expanded food machinery, backing snack machinery, and food extruder, and more. If you want to know more information about our products, please feel free to contact us.

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