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    1. Automatic Hamburger Production Line This fast food production line is compatible with various different types of food materials, whether that is meat, seafood, or vegetable. Through processes like forming, breading and frying, the automatic hamburger production line will finally deliver the delicious hamburger patties.
    1. Automatic Chicken Fillet, Original Recipe, Extra Crispy Production Line Automatic chicken fillet, original recipe, extra crispy production line uses chicken meat from chicken's breast, legs, wings and so on as the food material to make ready-to-eat fried chicken snack foods. The food production line is able to finish following steps at one stroke, that is, predusting, battering, breading and frying, etc.
    1. Automatic Meat Cutting Machine Automatic meat cutting machine cuts meat into uniform meat strips or small meat lumps through the multi-group disc knives. It is suitable for cutting fresh or frozen poultry meat, such as pork, beef and so on.

Thanks for visiting this website. We are a professional meat production equipment manufacturer and supplier, located in China. In order to provide high quality and competitive priced products to customers all over the world, we utilize high quality raw materials and high precision production equipment. This, coupled with our dedicated technical engineers and skilled workers, enable us to successfully export our meat production equipment, and other types of food processing machinery to a wide range of countries around the world, including Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, and so on.

Our meat production equipment is classified in to three primary models which are hamburger production line, automatic chicken Nuggets and Mcnugget production line and so on. For more detailed information, please click into corresponding pages for more information.

In addition to meat production equipment, we can also manufacture food extruder, fryer, cutter and so on. We welcome you to choose our products.

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