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    1. Dog, Cat, Fish, Bird Food Machine Our pet food production line uses materials like foodstuff, meat powder, fishmeal, and beans, etc. to produce fish and bird feed, etc. which usually come with different types, unique taste and rich nutrition. All types of animal food are provided with high temperature and high pressure processing in food extruders, which ensures high sanitation standard.
    1. Chewing Snack Machine Chewing snack machine uses animal skin, starch as the materials to produce the animal feed. With unique extrusion methods and moulds, it could produce many shapes of products such as strip, stick, twist and so on. It adjusts the animal food formulas to meet both the demands of nutrition and chewing hobby of the pets.

We are a specialized manufacturer of pet, animal food machinery in China. This type of pet, animal food machinery is with high quality and reasonable price. It is a kind of animal feed processing machinery which includes many components. The detail information of the components is following.
1. Grinder
A machine that smash big particles into smaller ones. It can be divided into several types according to the size of crushed aggregates.
2. Flour Mixer
A machine that functions to mix the raw materials for manufacturing pet food.
3. Extruder
Extruder is a necessary part of our pet food, animal food machinery. It gives different extruding methods to materials according to different food formulas, pressures, temperatures and so on.
4. Seasoning Machine
A machine that seasons the pet, animal food. It can be divided into two types according to the shapes.

If you are interested in pet, animal food machinery, please contact us! We are here to serve you wholeheartedly! In addition to pet food production equipment, we can also manufacture many other types of food processing equipment, including expanded food machinery, baby powder machinery, fryer, and more. We look forward to cooperating with you.

Sample Display
Sample Display

Technical Parameter
Model Installed Power Power Consumption Output Size(L×W× H)
LT65 80kw 55kw 120-150kg/h 19200x1200x2200mm
LT70 98kw 69kw 200-250kg/h 21200x1500x2200mm
LT85 144kw 101kw 400-500kg/h 26200x3500x4300mm
LT90 257kw 180kw 800-1000kg/h 30500X3500X4300mm
FT95 186kw 139.5kw 400-500kg/h 24000x2000x2800mm
FT115 295kw 222kw 800-1200kg/h 31000x3500x4300mm

The processing line includes the following parts
1.Flour Mixer
2.Screw Conveyer
3.Double -screw Extruder
4.Air Conveyor
5.Multi-layer Oven
6.Flavoring Machine
7.Cooling Machine

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