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    1. Continuous Belt Drying Machine / Dehydrator The drying machine is designed for the industrial batch production dehydrated vegetables, fruits, and foods with good air permeability. It offers fast drying speed, automatic temperature control, and operates with low energy costs.
    1. Cabinet Tray Drying Machine / Dehydrator The cabinet tray drying machine/dehydrator is designed for the heating and drying of various materials in fields such as food processing, medicine production, and chemical processing.
    1. Food Processing Washer The food processing washer is a useful machine applied in food processing facilities. It is used to clean products before and after they undergo further processing stages.
    1. Slicing Machine This slicing machine was developed for the cutting of all kinds of fruits and vegetables. Adopting a rotating cutter, it offers the advantages of high efficiency, easy operation, and lower energy costs.
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