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    1. Continuous Roasting Machine This multi-layer roasting machine is suitable for roasting products in pellets and strips. It is easy to operate and maintain and driven by roller chain, roasting the products with a smooth, reciprocating movement.
    1. Automatic Batch Roasting Machine This batch roasting machine is mainly applied for the drying of beans, nuts, seeds, and similar products. It adopts electricity or gas as the heating source. The temperature is automatically adjusted during the production process, while the material is rolling continuously.
    1. Coated Peanut Roasting Machine This roaster is mainly used for the roasting of coated peanuts, coated green beans, and coated melon seeds. It delivers uniform roasting for maximum flavor development. We use hot air as the drying medium to convey heat to the material.
    1. Gravity Cleaner System The gravity cleaner system separates the seeds from foreign materials using their difference in specific gravity. With the advantage of smooth operation, low vibration, and minimal noise, the system is extremely environmentally friendly and offers good performance.
    1. Peanut Sheller The LMC Peanut Sheller cylinder is designed with ease of operation and low maintenance in mind. The shelling grates (or concaves) are easy to change out and can be sharpened as needed. This quick change feature allows the operator to change shelling grates quickly as the size of the peanuts change.
    1. Roasted Peanut Peeling Machine This is a multifunctional machine that consists of a peanut sheller, basic frame, and a suction and pealing device. The roasted peanut peeling machine uses a tumbled peeling method.
    1. Raw Nuts Peeling Machine The raw nuts peeling machine is high-efficiency equipment that offers the advantages of economical performance while providing perfectly peeled nuts. After being soaked in hot water (80-90℃) for several minutes, nuts and beans can be quickly and effectively peeled.
    1. Paste Grinder Our paste grinder is high-efficiency processing machinery integrating the functions of crushing, cutting, grinding, and mixing. Food produced using this equipment can reach a particle size of 2~50 microns, the fineness can be more than 90%.
    1. Paste Mixer The paste mixer is designed for the mixing of pulp and powder materials. Made from stainless steel, the mixer’s processing parts are designed for high performance, durability, and hygiene.
    1. Syrup Cooker Designed to boil fluid materials, the syrup cooker is suitable for boiling and mixing syrups and caramel. You can use electricity, gas or steam as your heating source. It has the advantages of high thermal efficiency, uniform heating, and easy operation.
    1. Peanut Butter Processing Line The peanut butter processing line features advanced imported technologies. The main components include a baking machine, cooling equipment, peeling machine, grinding machine, conveying pump, and mixing machine.
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