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    1. Mixer Our flour mixer, dough mixer and horizontal mixing machine are certificated by CE. And they are widely used in all kinds of food processing companies because of the high performance and good quality. They have been exported to Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, etc.
    1. Conveyor This is kind of conveying equipment which consists of head part, middle part, tail part and drive part. It features simple structure, convenient installation and easy operation. With a long service life and high performance, it is suitable for all kinds of food processing enterprises.
    1. Grinder There are 4 types of dryer grinders provided for you to choose from. The size of finished powdered material can reach 20-120 mesh. The capacity of grinders varies from 50-250kg/h to 500-800kg/h. You can select a suitable one according to your requirements.
    1. Packing Machine We at Light Company mainly produce vertical, multihead and horizontal packing equipment which is applicable for packing meat, peanut, snacks, medicines, hardware parts, and medical instrument parts, to name a few. All our packaging equipment is CE certified, so customers feel secure in placing orders from us.
    1. Air Flow Puffing Machine The air flow puffing machine is applicable for a great variety of materials, including rice, wheat, highland barley, corn, kaoliang, buckwheat, and beans as well as any other material containing starch. It is mainly used for producing puffed grain foods, like rice cake, wheat cake and coffee corn, and more.

We are a professional China based manufacturer specialized in food processing equipment. Our main products are food extruders, expanded food, baking snack machinery and all types of auxiliary equipment for food processing. They are widely used in the field of food production and grain further processing because of their high production efficiency, easy operation and reliable quality.

In addition to food processing equipment, we also offer all kinds of CNC engraving machine, laser machine and CNC plasma cutting machine and so on in order to meet the many consumers' needs for the engraving machines.

Since the enterprise was founded in 2001, we have devoted ourselves to supplying the clients with a variety of food processing equipment and complete customer service. To ensure the quality of our food processing machinery, we choose the best components. For instance, the steel products should accord with the national standard strictly and the electric appliance which should be the world famous brand. During the production, we implement the international quality standard system strictly. Meanwhile, a specialized quality control department is set up to supervise the whole production, ranging from the purchasing of raw material, the design of equipment, fabrication, testing and commissioning, to final packaging.

Therefore we can guarantee the quality and performance of all types of food processing equipment. With the effort of all the staff, our expanded food machinery, food extruders and meat production equipment have been certified by CE. Thus, our consumers can feel totally secure in purchasing our food processing equipment.

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