Packing Machine

    1. Vertical Packing Machine Our vertical packing machine can be used for packaging various materials, including expanded food, baked snack, fried snack, peanut, sugar, salt, and any other types of powered, strip and granular materials.
    1. Multihead Packing Machine This multihead packing machine is designed for packaging, dosing and weighing regular and irregularly shaped materials, such as candy, sunflower seed, potato chip, happy fruit, peanut, jelly, freezing rice dumpling, biscuit, chocolate, nut, pet food, puffed food, small metal parts and plastic parts, etc.
    1. Horizontal Packing Machine This horizontal packing machine can set the bag length automatically, which saves on labor force.
      Dual variable frequency control system provides the packing equipment with characteristics like simple maintenance, low wearing and long service life.

Welcome to this page. Simply, packing machine is a device that packages the finished products for protection and decoration functions. It can be used in a production line as one of its components, and it can also be used independently for packing materials.

Classifying according to different methods, a packing machine can be divided into a variety of types. According to the material needing packing, there is packing machinery for packing fluid, lumped and powered materials. According to the automation degree, there are automatic, semi automatic and manual packaging machine. Classifying by its structure, there are vertical and horizontal packing machine.

As a packing machine manufacturer in China with over a decade of experience, we at Light Company mainly produce vertical, multihead and horizontal packing equipment which is applicable for packing meat, peanut, snacks, medicines, hardware parts, and medical instrument parts, to name a few. All our packaging equipment is CE certified, so customers feel secure in placing orders from us.

In addition to packing machinery, we also offer barking machine, drying equipment and conveying machinery to satisfy customers' demands. If you have any food production line need, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to working with you.

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