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    1. Dough Snack Machine The dough snack machine is designed reasonably and feature simple operation. Its maximum production capacity reaches 250-300kg/hr. It can be powered by electricity and can burn fuels like natural gas, diesel and LPG.
    1. Instant Noodles Machine The instant noodles machine possesses the features of high automation, simple operation, low energy consumption and small floor space, and it can finish all production procedures at one stroke.

Thank you for your visit. As a major manufacturer of flour dough machinery in China, we know that both product quality and customer service are vital to enterprise growth.

In order to ensure product quality, we conduct quality controls through out the production, from raw material acquisition, through food equipment design, assembly, to final packaging and transportation, etc. We also offer operator training and technical supports upon request. Through our constant efforts, our flour dough machinery and other types of food processing machinery are widely exported to a great number of countries around the world, including Australia, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, the Middle East, South Africa, and more.

If you are searching flour dough machinery, expanded food machinery, and meat production line, etc., please click to the corresponding product pages or contact us directly! We look forward to cooperating with you.

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