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    1. Extruded Pellet Machine The extruded pellet machine produces extruded snacks according to the following steps. First, single-screw extruder extrudes and cuts the raw materials into semi-finished products. By changing the dies, the pellet can be processed in different shapes like shell, spiral, square tube, circle tube.
    1. Sheeted Pellet Machine As a major manufacturer of sheeted pellet machine, now we are exporting more than 42 types of complete food production lines and near 150 types of single food processing equipment to worldwide markets. We have all types of products ranging from sheeted pellet machine, vacuum fryer, baking machine, through animal food machinery, to food extruder.
    1. 3D Pellet Machine Firstly, the 3D pellet machine adopts materials like potato starch, corn starch, cassava starch, wheat flour, etc. to produce pellet snacks. Then, through extruding, semi-finished pellet snacks are achieved. Next, through changing the dies, pellet snacks coming with varied shapes like shell, spiral, square, and circle shapes, are achieved.

This processing line uses potato starch, potato flour, corn starch, corn powder, wheat flour, cassava starch etc as main materials, by the processes of mixing, extruding, shaping and drying to produce dried double layer 3D pellets. After changing cutting roller on shaping machine, this line can produce many innovative shapes, like Triangle, Oval, Racket, Hexagonal (Sixer), Rectangle, Christmas tree, Animal, Zig Zag, Heart etc. After frying, the pellet will expand to several times, spraying some seasoning powder will make them much crispy and savory.

This line is characterized by unique technique, rational configuration, high automation and stable performance.

Technical Parameter
Model Installed power Power Consumption Output Size
LT100 172KW 120KW 80-100KG/H 27000X2000X2000MM
FT75 234KW 164KW 250-300KG/H 36000X2000X2000MM
FT95 525KW 394KW 400-600KG/H 43000X2OOOX3200MM

The processing line includes following components:
2.screw conveyor
3.double-screw conveyor
4.forming machine
6.rotary pre-dryer
8.vibrant sifter
10.continuous dryer
11.colling machine

Flow chart of the processing line
Flow chart of the processing line


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