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    1. Nutrition Rice Powder Machine Nutrition rice powder equipment uses rice, corn, beans and all kinds of grist as raw materials to produce the rice powder. Through extruding and inflating, drying, crushing and mixing, nutrition rice powder machine could produce all kinds of nutrition powder, such as infant rice flour, sesame paste, and beans powder and so on.
    1. Bread Crumb Process Line The performance and quality of bread crumb machine have reached the international advanced level. This food processing equipment is able to finish material mixing, extruding, cutting, and drying at one stroke automatically.

Thank you for your visit. We are a major manufacturer specialized in baby powder machinery and bread crumb machinery in China. Our experienced and qualified research and development team is full of creativity and team spirit. We have mainly two research and development departments, that is, the machinery design department and the food technology department, which enables us to make improvement on our baby powder machinery and bread crumb machinery, etc. according to customers' feedbacks and requirements.

At present, our bread crumb machinery, milk power machinery, and baking snack machinery have been exported into the markets all over the world. We have our clients in Britain, Italy, America, Austria, New Zealand, India, and Pakistan. If you want to purchase any type of food processing equipment, please contact us without hesitation. We are worthy of your trust!

Sample Display

Sample Display

The processing line includes machine as follows
1.Storage Silo
2.Screw Conveyor
4.Double-screw Extruder

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