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    1. Automatic Multifunction Forming Machine This multifunction forming machine is equipped with original SIEMENS PLC control system coming with touch screen and Chinese and English operating system as well as automatic alarm system. This ensures much easier equipment operation.
    1. Automatic Battering Machine The battering machine is convenient for installation and cleaning.
      The battery delivery pump is suitable for pumping high viscosity batter, so this machine has no restrictions on the batter property.
    1. Automatic Breading Machine The breading machine is designed with excellent recycling system to avoid wasting crumbs. This contributes to reduce production cost as well.
      Suitable for coating not only fine crumbs but also coarse crumbs.
    1. Automatic Preduster Uniform and thorough flour coating
      Various convey belts are available to meet the needs of different product lines.
      Powerful fan and vibrator are available to remove excessive flour.
    1. Automatic Drum Breading Machine Rolling drum ensures that the whole body of the food materials can be evenly floured.
      The automatic drum breading machine is designed with an independent screening plant to pick out large-sized crumbs.
    1. Automatic Meat Steak Flattening Machine Automatic meat steak flattening machine is designed to flatten all types of fresh or frozen meat products. Flattening helps shorten cooking time and frying time, or prepare the product for further processing such as coating and breading. Flattening also can be used to enlarge the surface of the product.
    1. Automatic Meat Tenderizer The whole machine is made of stainless steel, and is user-friendly designed. So, it is corrosion resistant, and provides a long service life.
      Quick installation design not only makes equipment installation easy, but also its cleaning.
    1. Electrode Baking Machine Our electrode baking machine heats the dough using electrode plates according to Ohm's law. This ensures that the finished products come with filament-like structure and meet the requirement of Japanese style bread crumbs.
    1. Bread Crumb Pulverizer The bread crumb pulverizer comes with 4 types of screens, so it is able to produce crumbs with different sizes.
      The machine is easy for operation and stable in performance.
      The machine is easy to dismantle and change the cutters and screens.

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