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    1. Cornflake, Breakfast Cereal Machine Our breakfast cereal machine can be used to make cereals in various shapes like rings, balls and curls, and more. Hence, if you are searching for a breakfast cereal making machine, or cornflake making machine, you have come to the right place.
    1. Inflating, Puffed Snack Machine This type of inflating, puffed snack machine will finish mixing, extruding, cutting, spraying and producing in one-pass operation automatically. It comes into various types and can be configured flexibly, and it can produce all kinds of products easily.
    1. Bread Pan Machine LIGHT bread pan machine is equipped with a special cutter designed by our company independently. It can finish mixing, extrusion, cooking, oil spraying, cutting, flavoring and baking at one stroke, and finally comes into a kind of golden colored snack with pleasant smell.

Expanded Food, Baking Snack Machinery

Welcome. LIGHT is a specialized expanded food, baking snack machinery manufacturer and supplier, located in China.
LIGHT expanded food making machine features simple structure, easy operation, and it requires low investment but brings benefits to users in a short period of time. By utilizing different food raw materials, our expanded food, baking snack machinery is able to produce the following types of snacks.
The first one is snack food made using corns and yams.
The second one is protein food made using vegetable protein.
The third one is the extruded staple food using cereals beans or yams as the raw materials.

All types of puffed food produced by the expanded food, baking snack machinery come with ingenious appearances as well as porous and puffy structures. They are children's favorite because they are not only crispy and sweet, but also have high nutritive values. So, if you are a food manufacturer, please try our expanded food, baking snack machinery.

We at LIGHT Company make constant efforts to upgrade our production technologies so as to ensure product quality, and meanwhile, years of experience and a group of specialized engineers enable us to provide a complete set of food production solutions for our clients. Hence, customers can feel secure in cooperating with us.

To satisfy customers' different demands, we can also offer rotary head food extruder, continuous fryer, and nutrition rice powder machine, etc. in addition to expanded food, baking snack machinery. We welcome you to purchase our products and we are confident that we can provide the product you are looking for.

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